Dolphins, Red Sea, Jan 07

Having never seen dolphins underwater before I jumped up to grab my camera when I heard fellow divers shouting 'dolphins!!' whilst onboard Blue Horizon in January 2007. Then realising I had my macro lense installed I had to sit back down and change lense and port at lightning speed. I remember the calm words of Dray... 'now don't rush it, this is how cameras get flooded'. So I carefully checked everything was in place and ran down to put my wetsuit on and jump onto the rib to get close to the pod of dolphin that had been circling the boat.

Luckily for me, they were still in a playful mood and were very interested in us! The dolphins were moving in groups and coming very close and at speed, this was where my whale shark photography experience helped me out.

Onlookers from the boat said that the group of snorkellers were well spread out to begin with but gradually as the dolphins circled us we were being herded into a human bait ball! Luckily I there was no feeling of aggression, just playfulness. Once they'd had their fun, they cruised off into the distance, a few of us tried our luck and swam toward the distant fins on the surface and we were rewarded for our percerverance as another encounter ensued!

A fantastic experience!

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