Southern Red Sea, Jun 07

Elphinstone, the Brothers and Daedalus upon Blue O Two's Blue Horizon.

Blessed with good weather but not with the Egyptian trots we visited these stunning reefs in June 2007. These reefs are remote and covered in coral formations fed by the strong currents that run through the southern Red Sea.

These reefs are usually a good spot to encounter large pelagics, we encountered hammerhead sharks on Daedalus, but the encounter was brief. One came up behind me to check me out, although not close enough for photography.

Blue Horizon is said to be one of the best boats operating in the Red Sea. I can testify to this, the boat offers comfortable accomodation and the crew cater for your every need. The dive crew are also superb and incredibly passionate about photography and film making, creating an overall great experience.

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