Tioman Island, Malaysia, Aug 07

Tekek beach in Tioman Island"Huge, tall ridges of thick rainforest sliding gently down onto virgin, white, sandy beaches bordered by an azure sea ... this would most definitely do" Dom Joly

I can definately second that statement, I was lucky enough to visit Tioman on the recommendation of one of my Malaysian colleagues.

I arrived in this unspoilt, equatorial oasis, greeted by Kaj, an English guy, who runs Tioman Dive Centre with his partner Barb. They are a great team who made my long weekend excellent.

The visibility is not outstanding here but this is made up for by the vast array of abundant macro life to be found. The coral seemed healthy with large rocky formations covered in various species of soft and hard corals. Having not dived in Asia before I was amazed at the amount of anenomes and anenome fish that were everywhere! If you couldn't find any interesting subjects then you could always rely on these!

Accomodation was simple, just the way I like it. Waking up and walking out onto the white sand and blue sea was priceless. I'm definitely going back on my next visit to Malaysia...

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